DreamFree Will Dream

was founded upon the belief that everyone should have a Life Dream.  A dream is different than a goal.  Although they are similar and may overlap, a dream is connected to your heart and is inherently exciting.  A Life Dream is something that is discovered from within not found outside of you.  One dictionary says a dream is a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.  “A cherished aspiration,” is a strong description and one can see how a dream can be directly connected to the heart.  Webster’s dictionary says a dream is something you have wanted to be, do, or have for a long time.  If you read this carefully you notice that it says “for a long time.”  Why?  Simply put, if someone is fortunate enough to know their Life Dream, they postpone their Life Dream because they believe their dreams exist in some far away place that may never be reached.  Free Will Dream was created to help bring those dreams into reality.  Some people discover their Life Dream early in life and others may take a lifetime to find their Life Dream.  Perhaps you know what your dream is or perhaps you do not.  Maybe you need a new dream to pursue.  You will know your Life Dream when you discover it.  This dream may be a small whisper in your heart that you have ignored, it may scream in your ear in an instant, or you may have to seek it out.  Here is a list that may help you to determine where you are so you can determine what to do next.


There are 6 categories of a dream:

1.) No Dream – Life is very routine and there is very little passion and zest for life

2.) Dead Dream – You failed to reach your dream and have become debilitated and stuck.  Life is extremely boring.

3.) Discovering Dream – This can be an active process or passive.  For some they are actively searching for their dream and they are inspired to discover this dream inside themselves.  For others they may have a feeling that they want to do more, but they have not associated this with a dream yet.

4.) Dream World – This is someone who knows what they want and they talk about it often.  They live in a dream world because they do not have a plan, they are not working on a plan, and they have not taken any tangible action.  Usually, they lack the belief that their dream can truly happen.

5.) Dream Pursuit – This is the most exciting category because it is filled with positive anticipation and challenges that trigger major growth.  Belief in achieving their dream is very high in this stage

6.) Dream Fulfillment – “Living the Dream.”  Just what is says…Fulfillment!! Time to uncover a New Dream.


I do not know what stage you find yourself, but I know you are reading this for a reason.  You still believe in the power of a dream.  Other people have fulfilled amazing dreams in their life.   We know this because many of them get recorded on the pages of history.  I say, Why not you and why not now?  As you evaluate these categories, it does not matter where you are.  The key is to determine where you are and begin the journey to move forward.  Beginning the journey can be the most challenging part.  But often after we take that step, we say, “I should have done this sooner.”  My hope is that “sooner,” is now for you.  I created FWD to help you start this journey and move forward toward fulfilling your dream.  What will the next five years look like for you?    What benefit will you gain if you wait another day, another week, or another year to discover and pursue your Life Dream?  What benefit will you gain if you simply take action right now?  Regardless of what is holding you back, the time will never be just right.  As Napoleon Hill says, ““Do not wait: the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.”  (Keep in mind that Napoleon Hill interviewed thousands of the most successful people of the early 1900’s.)  I know some of these tools for you; can be found directly with Free Will Dream.   Many people will work on self-improvement before they find their dream.  Seeking to improve oneself is extremely noble and worthwhile.  The best self-improvement program, I have found, happens when a person pursues something much larger than himself or herself, very exciting, and even a little scary.  The one thing I know that encompasses all of the aforementioned is a “Big Life Dream.”  We may think we do not have time for a dream or that it is not possible for us right now.  I ask you, next to relationships and survival, what is more compelling or more important than someone pursuing a Life Dream? If you answered nothing, then why don’t we seek to discover our Life’s Dream?  Why do we postpone our dreams and put them off for someday?  I feel I have discovered the answer to this question that can be found in the Free Will Dream Program.   The bottom line here is that your Life Dream or Life Dream to be is important.  As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stated so eloquently, “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” If this is true, then the time is now to move your Life Dream to “important” and take action.  Feel free to learn more about the FWD program today and let’s truly discover, pursue, and fulfill “Your Dream.”