Free Will Dream #11 is scheduled!!!

Join me at Free Will Dream #11 on October 7 & 8, 2017.  Dream Relationships – “The Power of Pure Presence”
This event marks a milestone for two reasons. This will be the first event that is solely focused on relationships. Secondly, it will be my first two day event.
Develop or attract the relationship of your dreams regardless of a shattered past.
I have heard the cry from friends, loved ones, and even strangers to create deeper more meaningful relationships. We will be covering the foundational concepts of Free Will Dream while focusing on relationships and the “Power of Pure Presence.”  Join us…

See the video below to learn more about Free Will Dream.

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This video depicts one of my very first speeches about Free Will Dream. I had the opportunity to speak to the first every “Start Up Story Slam” crowd in Philadelphia about. My story took first place at this event, but more importantly it had an impact on the people in attendance.

My hope is it has an impact on you too.


“Only 14% of working people say they have their dream job.”

Join me at Free Will Dream #11.
Gain true clarity, purpose, and meaning that leads to
consistent action.

Information on Free Will Dream:

Everyone should have a Life Dream they aspire to fulfill! Are you still searching for your Life Dream? Do you have a Life Dream, but cannot seem to take action? Worst of all, did you stop dreaming?

Finally, a process has been created that focuses solely on “Your” Life Dream, not someone else’s. Free Will Dream is a workable system that provides the tools and coaching that will take you on a journey of self discovery like never before.

Ultimately, fulfilling “Your” Life Dream is up to you, but now you have a system and a partner that will ensure your greatest chance of fulfilling “Your” Life Dream. The time is now!

  • Learn the “Six Stages of a Dream” that will help you to truly identify where you are.
  • Explore simple yet extremely effective ways to remove limiting beliefs – Free your mind
  • Acquire key strategies that help you to discover your Life Dream in a new profound and lasting way
  • Master a system that will inspire you into consistent action toward your Life Dream – True motivation
  • Learn the value of having a partner champion your success with you through empowering accountability